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September 16, 2007

TV Premieres, September 17 – 23

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7 p.m. (FOX) Prison Break. Yeah, so they broke out of the prison at the end of season one. This year, one of ’em’s stuck in prison again. And it’s not a cushy American maximum security prison, either. It’s a Mexican prison, so nasty that the guards are even afraid to go in. So now Linc has to break Michael out. This show, as much as any, makes the argument that some shows should be designed to run a season and end.

7 p.m. (NBC) Deal or No Deal. Don’t get used to it here. It’s just warming up Chuck’s timeslot. Howie Mandel will be avoiding shaking hands with contestants on Friday nights after this.


8 p.m. (FOX) K-Ville. Is the world ready for a cop show set in post-Katrina New Orleans? Fox says yes. Let’s see what the public has to say.


7 p.m. (CW) Beauty and the Geek. While that actually could describe a number of the new fall shows (Chuck, Reaper, The Big Bang Theory), this is actually a new season of the reality show. This year’s twist? There’s gonna be geeky girls too!


7 p.m. (CW) America’s Next Top Model. I don’t watch it. If you do, you’ll be anxiously awaiting this.

7 p.m. (FOX) Back to You. Sitcom vets Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) and Patricia Heaton (Everbody Loves Raymond) return to the genre as former news co-anchors reunited when Grammer’s character returns from his big break.

7 p.m. (CBS) Kid Nation series premiere

7:30 p.m. (FOX) ‘Til Death. I’ve never found it funny. And yet, it’s still on. Shows what I know.

8 p.m. (FOX) Kitchen Nightmares. ‘Nother one I don’t watch. If I want a kitchen nightmare, I’ll go start killing ants.



7 p.m. (CBS) Survivor: China. The casting director’s recruitment of contestants reaches a new low, as they move from having little-known, struggling actors to a woman who’s a World Wrestling diva and had her own feature pictorial (and cover shot) in Playboy. Not that I disapprove of Playboy (I don’t), but this show is no longer about “regular people” trying to cope in the wild.


7 p.m. – 9 p.m. (FOX) Simpsons, King of the Hill and Family Guy. The Family Guy musical number to open the Emmys was priceless. These shows are all known quantities, and have consistent, built-in audiences.

7 p.m. (CBS) 60 Minutes. The granddaddy of news programs, and the trick answer to a trivia question if they don’t specify that they’re looking for an entertainment show. (The correct question is “what is the longest running prime-time entertainment show on television?”. If they don’t specify “prime time” and “entertainment”, it’s Meet the Press. If they don’t specify entertainment, it’s 60 Minutes. If they ask the question properly, it’s The Simpsons.)

8 p.m. (CBS) Cold Case. A good, somewhat underrated show in which detectives investigate crimes which have gone long unsolved. The hook here is that the background music comes from whatever era the crime took place in. We don’t watch this show as much any more, as it’s challenging to schedule recordings, because of frequent late starts due to football overruns.

9 p.m. (CBS) Shark. There’s nothing deep about this show, even when they killed off a cast member, but it’s fun to watch James Woods chew up and spit out everyone around him. And Jeri Ryan has proven a much more adequate foil than most people would have expected.


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