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September 18, 2007

Reality and Fantasy

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This is a big week for reality — reality television, that is. Big Brother 8 ended tonight, Kid Nation starts tomorrow, and Survivor China comes in on Thursday.

I enjoyed Big Brother, as I’ve enjoyed the show for all of its seasons except the first. This year, between walking train wrecks, whiny blondes, and a stereotypical rocker seemingly out to offend everyone in the house and everyone watching the show, it never lacked for entertainment value. And, in my opinion, the right person won, based on game play.

I’m uncertain on Kid Nation. As a concept — a group of kids dumped into an old western ghost town and charged with forming a society of their own — the show is intriguing. As competition for viewing time in what looks to be a pretty good Fall tv season, I think it would have been better off debuting in July. I don’t think I’ll be tuning in, but if any of you do and enjoy it, let me know, and I’ll get caught up.

And finally, Survivor. The show has fallen under some harsh criticism from long term fans for recruiting contestants who claim to never have seen the game, rather than building its cast from among the show’s legion of willing applicants. Then they wonder why, in every season, there’s at least a couple of people who, long about week six, decide that they’ve had enough and just stop trying. Heck, I’ve got a friend at work who’s applied four times and can’t get a callback, and they keep bringing in these pretty boys who, after all this time, still claim to not know what they’re in for when they sign up. This season’s the worst for egregious, obvious casting, as one of the “regular people” sent to survive in the Chinese wilderness is Ashley Massero, a WWE wrestling diva and former Playboy cover girl.

Perhaps the most interesting new reality show is not on television, but on the ‘net. Alex Boylan, a former winner of The Amazing Race (don’t worry, I didn’t remember him either) is endeavoring to travel around the world without any money. He’s wearing a big backpack, and taking a pair of camera guys in tow, but he’s attempting to travel aroundt he world with no money, working for food and money and bumming lodging off willing hosts. The site is, and this could really be fun.

And, for fantasy of a different type, here are two online fantasy games involving television:

Survivor Fantasy League ( is the official fantasy game of Survivor, hosted on CBS’ web site.

TV Big Shot ( is brought to you by the snarky folks at Television Without Pity. It gives you a budget and asks you to schedule your own tv network. Unfortunately, the game servers are down right now, so that’s all I can give you.


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