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September 25, 2007

TV Premieres Wed 9/26 – Sunday 9/30

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7 p.m.
NBC Deal or No Deal – Whether you watch it for Howie “I don’t shake hands” Mandel or for the hot suitcase models, you watch it.  You know you do.

8 p.m.
ABC Private Practice – take a supporting character from a hit tv show and spin them off into their own show, totally changing their personality and motivation in the process and what do you get?  Lou Grant?  No, that show was good.  This season, we get Private Practice, featuring Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery, Dr. McDreamy’s ex.  She’s relocated from rainy Seattle to sunny So Cal, and taken a place at a family practice clinic run by her two best friends from college.  The pseudo-pilot episode of Grey’s last spring had problems, and they’ve evidently addressed some of them with recasting (Merrin Dungey out, Audra MacDonald in), but I think the problems go deeper, and the reviews haven’t been good.  View at your own risk.

CBS Criminal Minds – Mandy Patinkin pulls his patented “if this is the third season, I must be going” routine, and comes back for one episode to explain why his character is leaving.  Joe Mantegna will take over in a couple episodes.

NBC Bionic Woman – The latest ’70s show to be reinvented, this one, from Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick, changes Jamie Summers from thirtysomething tennis player to twentysomething bartender.  When she and her scientist boyfriend are in a car accident, Jamie is rebuilt using the latest experimental bionic technology.  As she learns to adapt to her new abilities, she must contend with a predecessor (Katie Sackoff, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), and the demands of the shadowy organization of which she is now unwillingly a part.
The pilot was action-packed and engaging, a good parallel for what’s been done with the new version of Battlestar:  darker, edgier, and far less kitschy than the original, but not disrespectful of the source.

CW Gossip Girl – The CW tries to establish a tentpole series to attract the young’uns, to replace such past hits as DAWSON’S CREEK and THE O.C.  While I was an O.C. fan for a while, this type of show has simply passed me by.  The reviews seem to indicate that it’s good for what it is.

9 p.m.
ABC Dirty Sexy Money – SIX FEET UNDER’s Peter Krause stars as a lawyer who unwillingly inherits his father’s job of watching after a dissolute, wealthy family and keeping them out of jail and trying to keep them out of the news.  He doesn’t want the job, but takes it, putting him in conflict with the family, lead by Donald Sutherland, Jill CLayburgh, and William Baldwin.  In my Cane preview, I said that soaps had lost some of their luster for me, but I may make an exception for at least the first few episodes of this one.

CBS CSI: NY – Never got into it, but it’s back.  I think there’s something scriptural stating that the number of CSIs can never be less than the number of Law and Orders.  That’s the only reason I can come up with for this and Criminal Intent to still be on.

NBC Life – A police officer, wrongly imprisoned for 12 years, gets out of jail and attempts to resume his old life.  A tv viewer, already 12 hours behind on the new season, doesn’t have time to find out if he’s successful.

7 p.m.
ABC Ugly Betty – I’ve enjoyed the couple of episodes that I’ve watched, but my plans to catch up over the summer fell by the wayside under an unusually large number of quality Summer shows.  If you’re a fan, it’s back.  If you’re not and the other shows in this time period aren’t your cup of tea, then you could do a lot worse than giving it a try.

NBC My Name Is Earl – Earl starts the season in jail.  As the season progresses, he’ll hook up with Alyssa Milano and teach her a little bit about his own funky brand of karma.

CW Smallville – One word.  Supergirl.  Oh, and the return of the JLA.  And if you’re not ready for Lana’s return, then you really don’t know the way these things work.

8 p.m.
ABC Grey’s Anatomy – Young doctors in lust.  It’s a planetary phenomenon, the show that finally (sort of) brought down CSI.  Hopefully the behind-the-scenes drama is done, and they can focus on the on-screen drama.

NBC The Office – Another one I never got into, but it has its fans.

CBS CSI – We start the season with Sarah trapped under a car, then evidently vanishing.  This show it the entergizer bunny of procedurals.  It just keeps going and going and going.

9 p.m.
ABC Big Shots – In every season there must be a show, a show that stands above all others in pure stinkitude.  Based on the early reviews, this is the one, no small feat in a season that’s also bringing the world Cavemen.  Michael Vartan, Dylan McDermott, Christopher Titus, and Joshua Malina (one of these things is not like the others) star as four friends who are up-and-coming executives.  It’s got a pretty good cast (Paige Turco is also included, and Charisma Carpenter will have a recurring role), but that’s pretty much the Thumper moment for this one. (if you can’t say anything nice…)

NBC ER – Along with Law & Order, NBC’s energizer bunny.

CBS Without a Trace – Back on Thursday with it’s original lead-in of CSI, Trace always struck me as mildly interesting but unexciting.  The addition of James Marsters from the Buffyverse is also mildly interesting, but only just so.

7 p.m.
CBS Ghost Whisperer – Even this show’s two biggest assets — Jennifer Love Hewitt — haven’t induced me to watch it.

8 p.m.
NBC Las Vegas – I stopped watching a few seasons ago.  With Tom Selleck replacing James Caan and Camille Guaty stepping in for Nikki Cox, there may be some new life in this old dog.  Somebody let me know.

CBS Moonlight – It’s amazing to me that no one’s ever come up with the idea of a vampire as a detective before.  Oh, wait, they did.  It was called Forever Knight.  And then it was called Angel.  Now it’s called Moonlight.  I’ll give it a try, since I’m a sucker for the supernatural genre (see what I did there?  I’m a sucker for vampires?), but I find that being a fan of certain genres makes me less tolerant of the bad examples, rather than more.  This one’s had some behind-the-scenes turnover, so I’m interested in seeing if the onscreen stuff has been affected in any way.

9 p.m.
CBS Numb3rs – One of the more interesting procedurals, this one enters its fourth season dealing with the ramifications of last season’s revelations that one of the team’s agents was a mole.  While a number of television shows have multiple web sites, this one’s got an academic one, explaining the math used in the episodes in layman’s terms.  (


6 p.m.
ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – I got nothin’.

8 p.m.
ABC Desperate Housewives – Another one I used to watch but don’t any more.  Even the additions of longtime favorites Dana Delaney (CHINA BEACH) and Nathan Fillion (FIREFLY) haven’t gotten me to reconsider my viewing habits.  Well, maybe a little bit.

Showtime Dexter – Michael C. Hall returns as the cheerfully amoral serial killer/blood splatter expert.  But this time, instead of hunting a rival serial killer, Dexter Morgan is himself pursued by an FBI expert (Keith Carradine).

8:30 p.m.
FOX American Dad – Bumped from its time slot by the riotous FAMILY GUY STAR WARS parody, Seth (FAMILY GUY) McFarlane’s other comedy is back this week.  At least my sons care.

9 p.m.
ABC Brothers & Sisters – I watched the first episode of this family drama, which features Sally Field, Calista Flockhart, and Rob Lowe, but never made it to the second.  A lot of people are strong advocates, though.

Showtime Brotherhood – Another series where I didn’t get past the first episode, but which I hope to catch up with at some point.  This one concerns two brothers in  Providence, RI, one a politician, the other a mobster.

That’s it (finally) for this week’s premieres.  I welcome your comments in the comment section.


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  1. The only new show or any show that interest me is Bionic Woman. The ad for the series looks interesting. I vaguely remembered the old version since i watch it as a kid and my parent recorded it on vhs that had been long gone. i only remembered that it was blond-haired lady and that she could hear sound from a far distance.

    Comment by mauthor — September 25, 2007 @ 9:08 pm | Reply

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