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October 15, 2007

Samantha Who? and Viva Laughlin

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A quick note, so you don’t miss this week’s premieres, one at the beginning of the week, and one at the end.

Tonight on ABC, we have Samantha Who?, the new Christina Applegate comedy in which the main character is in a car accident and loses her memory. The sitcom follows Samantha (Applegate) as she deals with her mother (Jean Smart) and best friend (Jennifer Esposito) and tries to figure out who she was, and if she really wants to be that person any more. This show is getting good reviews, and I intend to watch.

On Sunday is CBS’ Viva Blackpool, a musical drama produced by Hugh Jackman, and featuring him in a supporting role. Based on a pair of British series, Blackpool and Viva Blackpool, Laughlin follows a fellow’s attempts to open a new casino in the face of opposition from a rival casino owner (Jackman). Oh, and it’s a musical. This is normally the type of show I would really enjoy, and I had been looking forward to it until the reviews started rolling in. They are, to say the least, not positive. I’ll probably try an episode or two anyway, since there’s not much on Sunday that I watch anyway, but won’t stick around if it’s as bad as early reports say. Of course, if it’s as bad as early reports say, I won’t have to decide whether to stick around or not. A number of online television “death watch” pools had this picked to die early, but since it was debuting so late in the season, I figured something else would go first. Now, I’m not so sure.


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