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January 1, 2008

The 300 Project

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I apologize to my Facebook friends for a repeat.

Happy New Year, everyone.

It’s my sincere hope that everyone has a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year, and that you achieve all of your goals, hopes, and dreams.

I’m going to take the moment also to do a bit of self-promotion. Some of you may know that I’ve been doing a blog for a while now. It’s evolved from a Yahoo mailing list specializing in movie reviews and tv news to a WordPress blog that still features entertainment stuff (I’ll be putting up quick reviews of the movies I saw over the holidays later today), plus general news and observations. The WordPress format allows for readers to comment as well, so it’s not just me spouting off. Well, mostly it is, but I’d welcome participation by others.

As some of you also know, I used to write quite a bit, both this type of stuff, and fiction, but lately (the past decade or so) I’ve fallen out of the habit. Nowadays, pretty much the only fiction I write is my monthly status report at work. (joke)

In an effort to buckle down and get myself back into the writing groove, I’m initiating what I’m pretentiously calling the 300 Project. Between now and 12/31/2008, I’m shooting to author 300 blog posts. Since I refuse to believe that anyone would be interested in “I got up, ate a piece of toast, drove to work…” type posts, that won’t be what I’ll be doing. I intend to mix things up, to include reviews, news, and commentary. Since this is an election year, I’m guessing I won’t have too much problem finding material.

But I work best with feedback, and when I know that other people are out there. So I invite everyone to “stop by”, offer your comments, feedback, and suggestions.

If you’re using an RSS aggregator (My Yahoo, Google Homepage, Netvibes, etc.), you can add the blog to your page by adding If you want to only include an individual topic, you can use one or more of the below links:

Or you can subscribe to receive all postings via email through a
website called FeedBurner:

Thanks and, again, Happy New Year.
The 300 Project 0/0


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