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January 2, 2008

Two More Movies

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The last two movies of my Christmas break:

Walk Hard is a parody of biographies of musicians, in the vein of Walk the Line or Ray. John C. Reilly stars as Dewey Cox, a young dullard who, following a tragedy involving his prodigy older brother, discovers the blues and becomes a musician. In a career that spans four decades, Cox and his band (including Saturday Night Live vets Chris Parnell and Tim Meadows) hit on most every popular music form, rock star cliche, and drug, with sometimes hilarious results. Whether emulating early Johnny Cash or variety show-era Glen Campbell, Reilly is pitch-perfect. Though some of the jokes fall flat, or are repeated once (or twice or five times) too often, and it never achieves the brilliance of a Spinal Tap, there are enough high points to make the movie enjoyable.

Charlie Wilson’s War – Tom Hanks stars as Congressman from Texas who, at the urging of a socialite constituent (Julia Roberts), uses his position on the Appropriations and Intelligence sub committees to support the Afghans in their fight against the Soviet Union, setting the stage for the fall of the Soviet Union. With Philip Seymour Hoffman as a dodgy CIA analyst and Amy Adams as Wilson’s administrative assistant, this undertold episode in recent history is told with style and no small dose of humor by writer Aaron Sorkin and director Mike Nichols.

The 300 Project 2/2


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