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January 10, 2008

TV Catchup

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A couple of series that have some pretty involved history have either returned or are returning shortly, and viewers now have a chance to catch up with them via the internet, without investing a whole lot of time.

HBO’s acclaimed The Wire came back for its final season last week (it was always intended as a 5 season story). Folks who haven’t followed the first four seasons have access to a mega-summary atSpike TV. I’m not a viewer, but if the writer’s strike goes on much longer, I might be renting the DVDs.

Lost returns at the end of the month, but those needing a refresher on the show’s intricate mythology can get up to speed in just over 8 minutes, with Lost in 8:15. (To show how entrenched the mythology can become, the airplane that crashed in the pilot was Oceanic Flight 815.

Lost further solidifies its role as king of viral web marketing with Find 815, an “alternate reality game” in which an Oceanic Airlines IT tech tries to find out the truth about the crash and why the airline has stopped investigating. To that end, Oceanic Airlines is apparently back in business, following their previously-announced shutdown following the crash of 815. All this for a tv show. Who’da thunk it?

The 300 Project: 8/8


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