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January 16, 2008

Early Returns, Pt 1. (Cloverfield)

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Once upon a time, there was a movie with a simple title which explained the simple plot of the move in four simple words. And the internet went crazy, and embraced the movie voraciously, and made suggestions for the movie, which the movie makers embraced and incorporated into the movie. Unfortunately, Snakes on a Plane sucked.

Which brings us to Cloverfield. First it was the Unnamed J.J. Abrams Project, then there was the rumored title of Cloverfield, before it became official. A poster, showing a decapitated Statue of Liberty, was distributed at last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, along with Slusho t-shirts, tie-ins to the movie. Details were few and far between, except for a teaser trailer released on the internet and tacked onto the front of the summer blockbuster Transformers. It was a monster movie, set in America. Based on the trailer, it was filmed, Blair Witch-style, with shaky hand-held camera. And, for the fanboys, it was conceived and produced by J. J. Abrams, he of Alias and Lost.

And it was supported by viral marketing sites, some of which weren’t actually related to the movie but which took advantage of its buzz for their own nefarious ends. And there was much debate about the monster and what it could do and what it might look like, none of which was answered by even later trailers.

And now it has come. And for all of the anticipation, all of the good feelings and good thoughts and good prayers, we are down to one simple question: Is it any good?

Early returns are running toward the positive, though it’s hard to say. The folks who have seen it early and have chosen to write about it (formal reviews are forbidden until Friday) have mostly been positive about it, but most of them were probably inclined to like it anyway. Monster movies are typically a tough sell, and monster movies with an entirely new monster (as opposed to a Frankenstein rehash or a new take on the Dracula legend) aren’t all that common. So we’ll have to wait and see. Largely it’s a personal thing.

I’ve got my tickets, and I’ll let you know.

The 300 Project: 12/12


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