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January 21, 2008

The Best Political Line Thus Far…

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…belongs to John McCain.

As some of you may know, Chuck Norris is an integral part of Mike Huckabee’s campaign, to the point where in one of the early primary states, the only television commercial Huckabee ran was an unusual ad featuring Huckabee and Norris (you can see it on YouTube here).

Today at a campaign appearance, as the gloves in the race continue to come off, Norris raised a question which, honestly, quite a few people have wondered about when it comes to McCain: It is well established that even young, vigorous men are greatly aged by serving as President (take a look at before/after pictures of Clinton or the current Bush). Norris wondered aloud how McCain, who would be the oldest man to ever be elected to a first term as President, would fare with regard to stamina.

McCain’s response was priceless: “I’m afraid I may have to send my 95-year-old mother over and wash Chuck’s mouth out with soap.”

The 300 Project: 17/17


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