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January 31, 2008

Political Eggshells

So I was going to write an incisive dissection of the Presidential race. I was going to use egg metaphors. Breaking a few eggs to make an omelet, wittily used to describe the “gloves are off” tactics of the remaining candidates, with Clinton and Obama sparring over Las Vegas food service workers being allowed to vote at their workplaces or Clinton’s ill-phrased comments regarding President Johnson’s role in the equal rights movement, and Obama proxies deliberately misrepresenting it. It’s cropping up on the Republican side now, with McCain and Romney going back and forth regarding whether or not Romney was actually calling for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq when he spoke of timetables.

I was going to talk about putting all of one’s eggs in one basket, the way Rudy (9/11) Giuliani (9/11) did. He (9/11) decided that since (9/11) there were way more delegates at stake in Florida (9/11) than in those piddly little states (9/11) that came before it (9/11), he’d ignore (9/11) them and concentrate on (9/11) Florida. Of course, by that time, he’d been so totally marginalized in the race that nothing (9/11) could save his candidacy. There was a great quote by Missouri Senator Kit Bond, our state’s Giuliani coordinator, who observered “He went up against the conventional wisdom, and the conventional wisdom won.” Well, yeah, Kit. That’s why it’s the conventional wisdom.

I was going to use the marginally egg-related term “chicks” to mourn the loss of two hot first-lady-wannabees, as Elizabeth Kucinich and Jeri Thompson stood by their men as they withdrew their candidacies.

But I’ve been letting these chances slip by, not writing them down until now, and in a much less incisive, much less in-depth manner than I had originally conceived. I find that, with everything else going on in life, I just don’t have the patience or mental acuity to compose these kind of posts either in the early morning or late evening when I’m usually at the computer in a “leisure” mode. I would love to write the type blog my friend Mike Wallack authors (noted in this post), but just don’t have the energy.

And I’m not sure that I have observations that aren’t readily available elsewhere. Except about the eggs. And I’ve made those observations now.

So my work here is done.

The 300 Project: 22/22



  1. Great post, Charles. I loved reading this one.

    Comment by Jennie Prater — February 1, 2008 @ 2:49 pm | Reply

  2. Thanks, Jennie.

    Comment by CPav — February 1, 2008 @ 5:03 pm | Reply

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