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February 1, 2008

Thanks from the Snow-Bound

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On behalf of the residents of the greater St. Louis area, I wanted to thank the rest of the world for putting all actions and activities on hold while we deal with our 6-10″ snowfall.

It’s a sore spot for me when non St. Louisans depict us (and, really, all of the midwest other than Chicago) as backwater and provincial, but it’s hard to argue the point on days like today. Our television comes on automatically at 6 a.m., tuned to our news station of choice (KTVI, the local Fox station). I usually wake up at least a little, and listen to part of the broadcast, before actually getting up and getting going.

The only thing I heard this morning was talk of the snowfall that we got last night. It’s not like it was a surprise snowstorm; they’d been talking about it for days, and it was pretty clear yesterday morning that the kids would have a snow day today. And it’s not like we never get snow here, though the past few years have been kind of sparse for snow-lovers.

But really, three hours of nothing but talking about the snow? That’s ridiculous.

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  1. Ha. Ha. I know what you mean. I spent three years in Miami, Florida. And anytime a hurricane was anywhere near that place–three, five times a year(?)–local television was all-hurricane, all-the-time. I guess it’s just human nature to be fascinated with the weather.

    Comment by Jennie Prater — February 1, 2008 @ 2:55 pm | Reply

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