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February 2, 2008

Daily Trivia

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As some of you know, I’m something of a trivia junkie. In fact, we won a trivia contest tonight, against 72 other teams.

As with anything, the best way to keep your mind sharp is to use it, and one way I’ve found that’s fun is a daily trivia question. Or questions. I have two page-a-day calendars on my desk, one with Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture questions, and one with St. Louis Cardinals trivia. And I get a number of daily trivia e-mails. Here are a few of the best:

Daily Fun Trivia offers 10 questions daily, that you click and answer. It records your answers using your e-mail address, and shows you what all the people in your group scored on the previous day. To join our group, just follow this link:

American Mensa has a challenging daily e-mail. Each day they send you a question, along with the answer to the previous day’s question. Don’t be put off by the Mensa name; the questions are wide-ranging and of various skill levels. Subscribe via this link., the folks that bring you the SAT test, among others, also offer a daily e-mail, with a multiple choice question that you can click on right in your e-mail, and it will take you to the answer.

The 300 Project: 2/25



  1. i’m a trivia junkie myself and looking after any bits of information i can find 🙂

    i never heard about fun trivia. is is the smae as

    Comment by Natali — February 4, 2008 @ 5:31 am | Reply

  2. No, it’s not. For folks who don’t know, Trivia Tank is a web site that does trivia quizzes, and allows you to win cash. They give you 100 of their play dollars for signing up, and a bonus $5 to play in their cash games with an e-mail confirmation. You can play trivia contests in a number of different categories to win additional play money, or cash in the cash games.

    Link is in Natali’s comment.

    Comment by CPav — February 4, 2008 @ 7:12 am | Reply

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