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March 20, 2008

TYGA Moments

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In the second 1980 Presidential debate, when President Jimmy Carter repeatedly accused then-Governor Ronald Reagan of opposing Medicare, Reagan finally looked at him and said “There you go again.”

It was an iconic moment in American politics, but could have become much more so, had someone applied simple military tradition to it and created an acronymic word, like SCUBA, RADAR, or FUBAR. So it is, without further ado, that we here at PavCo Multimedia Synergistics, introduce the TYGA© moment (pronounced tee’-gah)

A TYGA© moment is one in which a speaker, usually but not necessarily a politician, utters something which causes one to roll one’s eyes. President Bush’s repeated assertions that the economy was doing just fine, followed by his reluctant admission that it was going through a “rough patch” were TYGA&0169; moments.

Another TYGA© moment came this week courtesy of Senator John McCain. on his “remember, I’m the foreign policy guy” photo op “fact finding mission” to Iraq, Senator McCain gave a speech in which he repeatedly made references to Al-Qaeda in Iraq and the “fact” that Al-Qaeda operatives were known to be crossing over into Iran for training, then coming back into Iraq. Finally, Senator Joe Liebermann steps up and whispers to McCain that he should have said “extremists” rather than “Al-Qaeda”, at which point McCain corrected himself.

We here at PCMS are not foreign policy scholars. In fact, we’re known to answer “Argentina” to any geographical trivia question, even if that question is something along the lines of “What island state’s name starts with ‘Haw’ and ends with ‘aii’?”. But even we are aware that Iran and Iraq are not exactly on friendly terms, what with that whole Shiite vs Sunni thing. (Al-Qaeda in Iraq is a Sunni organization. Iran is Shiite.)

While some have been portraying this as simply a senior moment on McCain’s part, or a momentary slip of the tongue, this claim is undermined by the fact that he made the exact same statement the day before, on a radio show. It is this that truly elevates it to a TYGA© moment.

The 300 Project: 12/53



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  2. Those are clever acronyms: TYGA and ONYD. You are funny. Have a happy Easter.

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