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April 22, 2008

Democratic Cage Match

Senators John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton appeared on last night’s World Wrestling Entertainment television show. I don’t know how it went, given my previous post on not watching tv, and my hopefully previously demonstrated taste, but I received a report that all three gave speeches (probably just taped greetings), and that Obama’s was most impressive, and McCain’s the least. Of course, I’m guessing that now new policy initiatives were announced.

Today is the Pennsylvania primary, something that both Obama and Clinton have been working toward for the last month or so. It’s been nasty, it’s been negative, and it more than likely won’t prove anything.

Unless the voters of Pennsylvania do something totally unexpected and hand Obama the state, the talking points have already been established:

  • The Obama camp will say that the loss wasn’t unexpected, that Clinton was always expected to win the state, and that Obama still leads in the popular vote and the delegate count. If Obama comes within 5 points or so, it will be a moral victory, though no one will say that outright.
  • The Clinton camp will use their victory in Pennsylvania to further their claims that Obama can’t win in large states. I’m not sure how this argument makes sense, since he’s not campaigning in those large states against John McCain, he’s campaigning against Hillary Clinton, another Democrat, and McCain is currently unopposed (more or less), so there’s no real imperative for Republicans to show up to vote. And Pennsylvania isn’t a state either of the Democrats will be expected to win in November.

The only way this ends well is if the voters of Pennsylvania put an end to it now and choose Obama, but even that won’t guarantee Clinton’s exit from the race. I just get the feeling that she’s in this until someone locks her in her hotel room and won’t let her out to campaign.

And am I the only one who thinks that the devil-may-care quality that used to make Bill Clinton somewhat endearing has devolved into a smugness that’s just really irritating?

The 300 Project: 9/69


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  1. […] After the dust settled in PA, Obama’s camp commented on the fact that Clinton was always favored there, and she really hadn’t made any real inroads into his lead in delegates and popular vote, and Clinton said that this was just more proof that Obama couldn’t close the deal and win big states. Who knew? […]

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