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April 25, 2008

One More Thought on the Popular Vote

Another quick thought on the whole “disenfranchising voters” turnabout by the Clinton campaign (which I wrote about last night):

If Senator Clinton is unsuccessful in her efforts to have all the Michigan votes that she gained seated, with none of the Undecideds going to Senator Obama, and unable to overtake him in the pledged delegate count (and it appears that this will be the case) and, more importantly, the popular vote, then the argument she will be making to the super delegates will run precisely counter to the argument she’s making now, regarding Michigan: She will argue that the popular vote should not be the determining factor, and she should be named the party’s candidate for the good of the party.

I hope I’m wrong, but it appears that Senator Clinton’s devotion to the voice of the people extends only so far as the majority of the people are calling her name.

(For the record, my prediction is that the DNC will seat half of the Florida delegates, proportional to the primary vote, and split Michigan 50/50 for Clinton and Obama.)

The 300 Project: 12/72


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