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May 2, 2008

ONYD Moment

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Joseph Andrew has played many roles in his political history. He started as a campaign volunteer and worked himself up to the head of the Democratic National Committee under Bill Clinton. He was an early supporter of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign, and is an Indiana super delegate. Yesterday, he switched his endorsement over to Barack Obama, and explains why in an excellant essay. But that’s not the ONYD moment.

No, that comes courtesy of the Clinton campaign. In an interview with Andrea Mitchell, Howard Wolfson, a Clinton senior adviser (I’m not sure what exactly his title is any more; they keep switching them around) chose to attack the Andrew defection by questioning whether Andrew was actually from Indiana!

So just to be clear, an adviser for a candidate who is now “from” New York, after having been “from” Arkansas, “from” Illinois, and “from” any number of other places, is questioning whether a man who was born in Indiana, raised in Indiana, was the Indiana State Democratic Party Chairmen, has parents still living in Indiana, owns a home in Indiana, but also has a home and a job in Washington, D.C. is “from” Indiana? I guess when she represents the people of her “home” state of New York at her job in Washington, D.C., Senator Clinton stays in a La Quinta, just so she can still say she’s “from” New York?


OYHD. Video and a partial transcript available here.

The 300 Project: 1/76


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