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June 16, 2008

The New Would-be President, Same as the Old Would-be President

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Anyone questioning whether or not John McCain represents a continuation of George W. Bush’s presidency, despite his claims of being a maverick and a reformer need only look at some of the recent pronouncements coming out of the Senator’s campaign:

  • According to the Threat Level blog, after a lawyer for the campaign said that McCain’s would favor stricter rules for telecom companies cooperating with the government’s warrantless wiretapping program and that the companies should apologize for breaking any laws as a condition of amnesty, another campaign spokesman then came out and said that the companies had nothing to apologize for and, in fact, McCain would rely on the same broad belief in the President’s unlimited powers as the Bush Administration currently claims.
  • The Carpetbagger Report runs down a list of things that McCain has been confused about. The McCain camp sees any suggestion that McCain doesn’t get something, or is confused about something, as a shot at his age. They don’t seem to get that it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t get things right because of his age, or because he was a poor student, or because he just doesn’t care. What really matters is that he doesn’t get them right.
  • John and Cindy McCain are evidently hit by the credit crunch just like the rest of us; The Huffington Post reports on an article in The Hill blog regarding the McCains’ debt. The fact that they owe more than many of us make over the course of multiple years, and that Mrs. McCain’s American Express card has a 0% balance and evidently doesn’t require her to pay it off is meaningless. They can, to paraphrase a prior President, feel our pain.
  • Like the current President, there appear to be some holes and discrepancies in Senator McCain’s much-lauded military record. Jeffrey Klein runs down many of them on HuffPo
  • Salon discusses the McCains’ method of manipulating the media to turn negative stories to their benefit. They use Cindy McCain’s admission of ongoing drug addiction — including stealing drugs from her own medical relief foundation — as the overriding example of the story.


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