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July 9, 2008

Incredible Photo Blog

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So we here at PavCo had a corporate outing on Sunday, and went to the St. Louis Zoo, one of the crown jewels in the St. Louis experience.  It’s a fabulous experience, and it’s (mostly) free, which ranks it even higher on the PavCo list of things to do.  But that’s neither here nor there.  (Actually, it’s there; if it were here, it would put us in all kinds of violations of our hometown’s zoning ordinances.)


Mrs. PavCo made the mistake of handing me the camera at one point, which meant that for the rest of the afternoon, everyone was waiting on me, as I stood motionless, the Kodak to my eye, waiting for the perfect shot of a chimpanzee indulging in an afternoon banana, or a peacock preening, or a group of prairie dogs…prairie dogging.  And I got some pretty good shots.  I impressed myself which, admittedly, isn’t hard to do.

And then I saw Jerry Mercier’s photo blog.  It was recommended to me by a mutual friend (actually, my friend, his relation), and I took a look, and was blown away.  For anyone whose idea of America is mini malls and soccer fields, you’ve got to take a look at Jerry’s work, which highlights amazing sights in America’s Badlands.  Please take a look, and let all your friends know about it.  Heck, let your enemies know.  Maybe they’ll change their opinion of you.

Jerry Mercier’s blog is available at

The 300 Project: 2/119


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