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August 26, 2008

What You Mean “WE”, White Man?

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I just saw a John McCain commercial for the umpteenth time where he distorts Obama’s tax plans (the plan does NOT call for taxes on families until their combined income reaches $250,000, no matter how many times McCain says it does), but I was struck by one word in the ad. The narrator is saying how Obama doesn’t get it with the plight of the ordinary family, “but we do”.

That word “we” bothers me.

  • John McCain owns between 7 and 11 houses and condos (exact counts depend on if you count the two guest houses on one property as separate houses), but he has to ask his staff how many. I own one house.
  • John McCain spends $250,000 a year on household help. I don’t have any household help that doesn’t live under my roof, and I certainly don’t pay them. In fact, I don’t make $250k in two years, so I couldn’t pay it for my household help in one.
  • John McCain doesn’t know what kind of car he drives. I drive a beat-up 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage, and have to make sure to tuck the rubber insulation back into the rear driver’s side door when I close it.

So I’m not sure which “we” John McCain is talking about. Near as I can tell, the only “we”s we’re both part of is Americans, white guys and politicians. And I’m pretty sure none of those are it.

Well, maybe the white guys. But that comes later in the campaign.

The 300 Project: 11/127


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