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August 28, 2008

ONYD – Uninsured? What Uninsured?

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John Goodman — not the actor, but the president of something called the National Center for Policy Analysis and a policy advisor for the McCain campaign — says that since everyone in the country has access to emergency rooms, no one is technically uninsured, so the Census Bureau should stop describe anyone as uninsured.

The policy that Goodman advises McCain on? Health Care.

The McCain camp’s response? They don’t consider him an official adviser. Note they don’t say he’s not an adviser, just that he’s not an official one.

And people think this will be good for the country? Part of the reason health care is so expensive is that hospitals have to cover the costs of those people who use their services without having insurance. So apparently, it’s okay with this guy that our premiums keep going up, as long as we don’t actually call anyone uninsured.

Original article

The 300 Project: 12/128


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