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November 21, 2008

Great Holiday Deal for Vampire Lovers (or Haters)

Filed under: Entertainment — CPav @ 2:53 pm has the Buffy the Vampire Slayer complete series DVD box set on sale for only $69.99 today, as one of its “Gold Box” daily deals.

This set normally retails for $199.99 (not $129 as I say in my store note), and if you access it through my Amazon store, I get a few cents’ commission.  The store is available through the link to the right (if you’re reading this at, or at (if you’re not).


Smallville Spoiler Image/Title

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Okay, comic book fans.  Here’s a spoiler image from the January 15 episode of Smallville that, if you’re a long-time DC Geek like I am, will get your heart aflutter.

I can’t even tell you the title of the episode, since that’s as much a spoiler as the picture, but if you drag over the blank between the quotes, you’ll see that it’s “Legion“.

Smallville January 15 Spoiler

TV Cancellations

This morning, in blogging the new version of Cupid, I observed that the show probably wouldn’t last, since it’s hard to keep such shows on tv for long.  (The video is now working in that post, btw).

This afternoon bore out my pessimism in general; two of the more original and distinctive shows to debut in the 2007/2008 strike-shortened season, Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone, were cancelled today, along with Dirty Sexy Money.  All three will finish out their original 13-episode orders for this season, but won’t make any additional episodes.  Hopefully, the networks will air all of those episodes, and not wait to feature them on DVD collections.

Daisies, while visually stimulating and wittily written, was easily predictable as having a short life expectancy; it lived and died on its frenetic pace, something that wasn’t really sustainable long term. The creators have said that the storyline will finish up in comic book form (probably from corporate siblings DC Comics or Wildstorm), which is actually somewhat fitting, since the show was previewed in comic book form at the 2007 San Diego Comic Book Convention.

I’m more disappointed by the demise of Eli Stone, a quirky, fun series which was more-or-less a conventional legal comedy/drama (think LA Law), with a weekly musical number and an aneuryism-induced vision or two thrown in to keep it interesting.  With good, sometimes subtle performances by Jonny Lee Miller (the first Mr. Angelina Jolie), Victor Garber, Natasha Henstridge, and Julie Gonzalo, this one had a good chance of staying around for quite some time.  Too bad it won’t get the chance.

I also watch Dirty Sexy Money, but it’s more of a guilty pleasure.  I’ll miss it, but not in the same way as the other two, and not for as long.

November 20, 2008

Star Wars / John Williams Salute

One of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time, and extremely simplistic; one vocalist, Corey Vidal, takes a number of John Williams scores, writes Star Wars-related lyrics to them, and sings them all in four-part harmony.

“Star Wars” – an a cappella tribute to John Williams

Cupid Trailer

I was skeptical when they said that Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) was going to remake his classic (well, to me, anyway) tv show, Cupid, the first version of which was a short-lived showcase for Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall, but the trailer below makes it look like it could be fun.  Bobby Cannavale doesn’t mimic are Piven; there are similarities, but enough differences that it isn’t a ripoff.

I don’t give it long on-air, though; there just seems to be trouble keeping shows like this alive for long.

Cupid – Remake Trailer (ABC)

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