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February 11, 2009

Things I Noticed, Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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Today is Wednesday, February 11, 2009, Binding Day in Portland, Dorsetshire, England.  It is brought to you by the word “breachy”, which means “brackish” and is applied to “smuggled spirits which have been impregnated with salt-water.”  (These words and most of the day descriptions come from the Forgotten English desk calendar by Jeffrey Kacirk.)

  • India is marketing a soft drink to compete with Coke and Pepsi.  It’s going to be called “gau jal”, or “cow water” because, well, maybe you should just read the story here.

  • Fox Television has ordered a pilot for the old DC Comics character “The Human Target“, starring Mark Valley, who recurs as John Scott on that networks’ Fringe.  They’re also doing a remake of the BBC series “Absolutely Fabulous”, which no one could possibly think is a good idea.  (Incidentally, Valley married Fringe co-star and Kate Blanchett lookalike Anna Torv back in December.  Lucky guy.)

  • One of the classier tie-ins to the upcoming Watchmen movie is a book of black and white portraits of the characters.  EW Online has a preview of 17 of the images, though I still don’t understand the “I forgot to take off my panties” look of Silk Spectre II (Malin Ackermann) in picture #5.  (It’s a look that doesn’t appear to carry through any of the trailers I’ve seen)  And while I love Carla Gugino and the whole 1940s look, I’d have loved it even more if her portrait had been of Silk Spectre I instead of alter ego Sally Jupiter.

  • Looks like the next coin to get a makeover will be the penny.

  • Both the Catholic Church and the Church of England appear to have no problem reconciling Darwinian evolution with Christian teachings.  I’ve been saying that for ages, since before Intelligent Design became a dirty word.

  • My senator is Twittering (@clairecmc).  Is yours?

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