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February 12, 2009

Things I Noticed, Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Today is Thursday, February 12, 2009, the 200th anniversary of the births of both Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln.  Birthday wishes also go out to PavCo Multimedia Synergistics associate Vicki McElfresh, who was born considerably after either of those gentlemen.

Today’s Forgotten English word is “unscience”, Chaucer’s word for the absence of science or knowledge.  Today’s Addictionary word is awestentatious, an adverb meaning “Almost unbelievable, provoking shock.”

Here are the things I noticed today:

  • Everybody is linking to or talking about Joaquin Phoenix’s appearance on the David Letterman show last night, so I might as well.  FWIW, I think it was a total put-on on Phoenix’s part, but I don’t think Dave was complicit in it.

  • Still on the reality front, American Idol has named its 36 finalists, who are exactly the same 36 that were listed on the internet a couple months ago.  I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet, but am really distressed that drama queen Nathaniel Marshall made the cut, though it might be fun to see him and Tatiana try to out-diva each other.
  • Rod Blagojevich just won’t go away.  And one way to milk the spotlight is to call your opponents incompetent “drunkards and adulterers“.  That should help his case.
  • As part of their Truth-o-Meter page, the folks at the St. Petersburg Times’ are tracking President Obama’s campaign promises, assigning statuses including “Promise Kept”, “Promise Broken”, and “Compromise” to each of 511 documented campaign promises.  So far the vast majority of the promises are classified as “No Action”, but of the ones that are not either “No Action” or “In the Works”, “Promise Kept” is the clear leader (7 promises there, as opposed to one each for “Compromise”, “Promise Broken”, and “Stalled”).  You can keep track of the tally (as well as other true-false evaluations) on the Obameter.

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  1. it’s hard to tell whether Joaquin Phoenix was faking it or not during that Letterman interview, especially since he’s such a talented actor…

    Comment by Joe — February 15, 2009 @ 1:31 am | Reply

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