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February 23, 2009

Things I Noticed, Monday, February 23

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Today is Monday, February 23, the birthday of Samuel Pepys.  The Forgotten English word of the day is “diurnalist”, a word for a journalist, dervied from diurnal (daily).  Over the weekend, the Hasbro company presented a rather interesting word of the day.  It was taken down quickly, but, this being the internet, screenshots remain.

  • The New York Fed has released a study predicting that the recession will end somewhere mid-year.  And they’re evidently pretty accurate about these things.  It involves things like probability and math, so we here at PavCo are out of our depth.
  • Free Food alerts:  Quiznos is giving away coupons for free subs.  Sign up for yours at  And tomorrow (Tuesday, February 24), IHOP is offering a free short stack of pancakes in honor of National Pancake Day.  Thanks to Whitney Matheson’s Pop Candy for both tips.
  • I didn’t get a chance to post Oscar predictions this year, the result of an extremely busy weekend, but I got them all right.  Trust me.  Seriously, I didn’t have any problem with any of the winners, though I would have rather Mickey Roarke won Best Actor; I think Sean Penn still has a lot of good performances ahead of him, whereas this may have been the role of a lifetime for Roarke.  I also thought that Viola Davis’ two scenes in Doubt, in which she went toe-to-toe with Meryl Streep, were easily the most powerful of the nominated performances, but, again, I didn’t have a problem with Penelope Cruz’ win.  I also thought it was criminal that Bruce Springsteen’s title track for The Wrestler didn’t even get nominated for Best Song, but am looking forward to them performing Jai Ho as part of those “We’re now going to sing every Best Song winner” medleys in the not-too-distant future.

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