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March 10, 2009

Things I Noticed, Friday, March 6, 2009

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I’ve had this sitting on my compute since last Friday.  I present it unedited, as it would have appeared if I hadn’t had my head up my butt then.

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted.  Life has just been very hectic here at PavCo HQ, with family issues, puppy issues, and work issues.  It seems like things are resolving themselves now, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Mrs. PavCo, so hopefully I’ll be able to decompress and get back into more of a routine.

For today’s word, I’m going to step back to yesterday on the Forgotten English calendar, which featured the phrase “March-mad”, meaning “Rash to an extreme”, and harkening back to the belief (evidently questionable) that hares become “wild, flighty and strange” during the March rutting season.

  • Today is the premiere of Watchmen, a much-revered graphic novel (it actually started life as a 12-issue comic book, but more people have been exposed to the collected book) which follows a group of retired super heroes in an alternate universe version of 1970s America.  Reviews have been mixed, but none have been abysmal.  The wife of a co-worker saw it at the midnight show last night and loved it.  The boys and I (and a couple of friends) will be at the Chesterfield Galaxy theater for the 11:05 Mega-Screen show.  I’ll let you know how it is this weekend.

  • On this week’s Slate Magazine’s Gabfest podcast, one of the commentators mentioned a New York Times piece about performace artist Tehching Hsieh, who, in the late 70s and 80s, did a number of year-long “pieces”, including spending a year tied by an 8 foot rope to a woman he barely knew; spending a year punching a time clock every hour on the hour, and spending a year outside.  His website is here.

  • I’m a few weeks behind on most of my tv viewing, so I may have missed the Taco Town ad on SNL recently.  But thanks to this MySpace page, I was not only able to watch the parody of the “let’s throw five different things together” craze (Although I will confess to really liking the CrunchWrap Supreme), but was able to feel my arteries harden as I did.  Oh, they’ve also got pictures of a couple of guys who actually tried to make the thing.

  • Breaking Bad, the AMC original series starring Bryan Cranston (the dad on Malcolm in the Middle) as a high school science teacher who turns to methmaking to provide for his family’s future when he’s diagnosed with cancer, returns on Sunday night.  I have some issues with the show (the handicapped son seemed a little over the top), but by and large it’s very good, pretty much up there with other cable standouts like Burn Notice and In Plain Sight.


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