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April 23, 2009

A Couple of Things That Impressed Me

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I haven’t posted in quite a while, and I apologize. I’ve been Twittering and Facebooking, but not blogging.

But a couple of things caught my attention in the past couple of days that I really wanted to share.

The first came as something of a surprise in today’s world of short-memoried athletes who change teams for a bigger paycheck, then badmouth the team that gave them a chance when they were young, and gave them the last big paycheck.  Torry Holt, the NFL wide receiver who didn’t fit in the St. Louis Rams’ future plans and therefore is now a Jacksonville Jaguar, and a few parting words for the St. Louis fans.  And amazingly — or perhaps not so, for those who have followed Holt’s career — they were kind ones.  He thanks the fans, the club, the city.  He has nothing but good things to say.  Read the whole thing here.  Maybe the most notable thing is that Holt’s attitude is so refreshing and, quite frankly, rare.

The second thing is a bit more personal, and requires some background.  As many readers know, my wife is the director of a dog rescue that specializes in pregnant moms, moms with babies, and young puppies.  We often get litters of puppies into the rescue that have no moms, or who have been taken away from their moms.  A while ago, we got a litter of 10 Great Dane pups.  They were full-blooded, but their breeder didn’t get the proper paperwork from the owner of the father, so they couldn’t be papered.  Shortly after we got them, they came down with a large number of maladies, but we only ended up losing four of them.  Of the survivors, all were girls but one.

Just about as soon as we put them up for adoption on Petfinder, they were spoken for, with long waiting lists for each dog.  Unfortunately, the little boy, Hamlet, was diagnosed with something more serious — a liver shunt, where the blood that’s supposed to be flowing through the liver for cleansing instead bypasses it, exposing the dog to all sorts of blood-borne toxins.  There is surgery that can correct it, but it’s expensive.

Hamlet’s foster mom a web site called Fundable ( which allows users to set up a fundraising site to raise money for — well, anything.  Their homepage lists a large number of things that Fundable has been used for, from organizing snowboarding trips to paying for a newspaper ad to lobby Congress for more Katrina relief.  She set up a Fundable page to raise the $1100 for Hammy’s surgery.  I thought it was a neat idea, but kept to myself the opinion that it probably wouldn’t amount to much, considering the economy and such.

Boy was I wrong.  The fundraiser was set up to last for 26 days, from April 20 to May 16.  It took under 3 days to reach the goal.  Under.  3.  Days.  To raise money for a puppy to have surgery.  It included friends, strangers, and some of the families who adopted Hammy’s siblings.

It’s enough to warm my curmudgeonly little heart.  Hamlet’s story, in his foster’s words, is still available on his Fundable page.  Thanks to those who spread the word, and especially to those who donated.


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