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September 19, 2009

Word Sites

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I received the following as a comment to a prior post, but figured it deserved more attention.  Take a look at Adam’s sites.  They’re very interesting.

Dear Sir

I wondered if you might like a link to both my Foreign word site and my English word website or press release details of my ensuing book with Penguin Press on amusing and interesting English vocabulary?

with best wishes

Adam Jacot de Boinod

(author of The Meaning of Tingo)


or wish to include:

When photographers attempt to bring out our smiling faces by asking us
to “Say Cheese”, many countries appear to follow suit with English
equivalents. In Spanish however they say patata (potato), in Argentinian Spanish whisky, in French steak frites, in Serbia ptica (bird) and in
Danish appelsin (orange). Do you know of any other varieties from around the world’s languages? See more on


The Wonder of Whiffling is a tour of English around the globe (with fine
coinages from our English-speaking cousins across the pond, Down Under
and elsewhere).
Discover all sorts of words you’ve always wished existed but never knew,
such as fornale, to spend one’s money before it has been earned; cagg, a solemn vow or resolution not to get drunk for a certain time; and
petrichor, the pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a
dry spell.
Delving passionately into the English language, I also discover why it
is you wouldn’t want to have dinner with a vice admiral of the narrow
seas, why Jacobites toasted the little gentleman in black velvet, and
why a Nottingham Goodnight is better than one from anywhere else. See
more on

with best wishes



September 7, 2009

Another Saturday Night

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So I’m driving through western Illinois. Darkness but for the traffic and the glow of the dashboard and the neon from the strip clubs. The kid next to me sits in a unibomber hoodie, wired to his music, awash in the light from his phone screen. Two pubescent girls sulk in the back seat, one because her stomach’s full to popping, the other because, well, she’s a pubescent girl. I’ve put more than a deuce and a half of asphalt and pavement under my wheels today, and have another fifty to go before my pillow and mattress. God bless the puppy biz.

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