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October 24, 2008

Things I Noticed, 10/24/08

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Barack Obama has started a new web site to offer rebuttals to the fallacies in Republican robocalls and mailers: Under the Radar: Revealing the Hidden Attacks

A couple of ads proposed for the Obama campaign, but one of the hosts of the liberal “Young Turks” radio show: Cenk Uygur: The Ads Obama Should Run Against McCain and Palin

Both Obama and McCain have pledged support for small business owners, but you might be interested in McCain’s definition of a small business.


October 5, 2008

Don’t Vote

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A whole bunch of celebrities tell you why you shouldn’t vote.

Don’t Vote

Guilt by Association

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If you find yourself paying attention to the McCain/Palin campaign’s current and future efforts to brand Barack Obama as questionable based on his association with former 60s radical William Ayers, referred to inaccurately by Sarah Palin 3 times on Saturday alone as “palling around”, please take the time to read my friend Mike Wallack’s excellent compare and contrast over at Mike’s blog, Me me me me me

August 28, 2008

ONYD – Uninsured? What Uninsured?

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John Goodman — not the actor, but the president of something called the National Center for Policy Analysis and a policy advisor for the McCain campaign — says that since everyone in the country has access to emergency rooms, no one is technically uninsured, so the Census Bureau should stop describe anyone as uninsured.

The policy that Goodman advises McCain on? Health Care.

The McCain camp’s response? They don’t consider him an official adviser. Note they don’t say he’s not an adviser, just that he’s not an official one.

And people think this will be good for the country? Part of the reason health care is so expensive is that hospitals have to cover the costs of those people who use their services without having insurance. So apparently, it’s okay with this guy that our premiums keep going up, as long as we don’t actually call anyone uninsured.

Original article

The 300 Project: 12/128

August 26, 2008

What You Mean “WE”, White Man?

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I just saw a John McCain commercial for the umpteenth time where he distorts Obama’s tax plans (the plan does NOT call for taxes on families until their combined income reaches $250,000, no matter how many times McCain says it does), but I was struck by one word in the ad. The narrator is saying how Obama doesn’t get it with the plight of the ordinary family, “but we do”.

That word “we” bothers me.

  • John McCain owns between 7 and 11 houses and condos (exact counts depend on if you count the two guest houses on one property as separate houses), but he has to ask his staff how many. I own one house.
  • John McCain spends $250,000 a year on household help. I don’t have any household help that doesn’t live under my roof, and I certainly don’t pay them. In fact, I don’t make $250k in two years, so I couldn’t pay it for my household help in one.
  • John McCain doesn’t know what kind of car he drives. I drive a beat-up 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage, and have to make sure to tuck the rubber insulation back into the rear driver’s side door when I close it.

So I’m not sure which “we” John McCain is talking about. Near as I can tell, the only “we”s we’re both part of is Americans, white guys and politicians. And I’m pretty sure none of those are it.

Well, maybe the white guys. But that comes later in the campaign.

The 300 Project: 11/127

August 23, 2008

The Keys to the Convention

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Huffington Post has a great idea for injecting some fun into the Democratic Convention, and making a point at the same time:

Hint: Remember the opposing team’s free throws in high school basketball games, or the opposing team’s kickoffs in football?

Howie Klein: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The 300 Project: 10/126

July 29, 2008

Political Ad

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Presented without comment.

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June 30, 2008

Daily Trivia

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I’ve got a bunch of posts coming this week, most political but at least one movie review, maybe more (depending on if I get to see Wanted this week), but I wanted to pass on the following while I’m thinking of it.

I’ve taken advantage of to create a daily trivia tournament. Nothing at stake but bragging rights, but it’s free and fun. Please join us and see how you do against the PavCo braintrust.

PavCo Multimedia Synergistics Trivia Tourny
Daily Trivia

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June 16, 2008

Leaving Iraq May not be Up to Us

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Much has been made this campaign season, indeed the last couple, back to the midterms, about how long the US should keep forces in Iraq. From John McCain’s “Hundred Years” to the depiction of Obama as wanting to cut and run, it’s one of the true wedge points between the two candidates.

But the ultimate decision may not be up to either candidate. The current administration is attempting to negotiate a Status of Forces agreement with the Iraqi government, which would “provide a legal basis for the presence of U.S. forces in Iraq after the UN mandate expires at the end of the year.” (USA Today, 6/13)

Unfortunately (for the Bushies), the USA Today article linked above also points out that the two governments are at loggerheads over provisions in the agreement which the Iraqis feel impinges upon their sovereignty.

McClatchy reported that the Iraqis might actually ask the US to leave if an agreement can’t be reached by that time.
The 300 Project: 8/116

ONYD: John McCain and Judges

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John McCain can’t seem to keep his stances straight. First, he meets with former Hillary Clinton supporters and tells them he supported Bill Clinton’s Supreme Court nominees Ginsberg and Breyer, then turns around and tells a Virtual Town Hall that he wouldn’t have selected Ginsberg or Breyer.\

And, in that same town hall, designed to woo former Clintonistas, McCain spoke out against Roe v. Wade and abortion, and in support of conservative Supreme Court nominations.

Uh, Senator? To get their support, you’re supposed to tell them what they want to hear.

The Virtual Town Hall article also speaks to the differences between the McCain who earned a reputation as a maverick reformer in the 2000 campaign and today’s model, who kowtows to the Republican right, even when he’s trying to convert centrist Democrats.
The 300 Project: 7/115

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