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January 21, 2008

The Best Political Line Thus Far…

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…belongs to John McCain.

As some of you may know, Chuck Norris is an integral part of Mike Huckabee’s campaign, to the point where in one of the early primary states, the only television commercial Huckabee ran was an unusual ad featuring Huckabee and Norris (you can see it on YouTube here).

Today at a campaign appearance, as the gloves in the race continue to come off, Norris raised a question which, honestly, quite a few people have wondered about when it comes to McCain: It is well established that even young, vigorous men are greatly aged by serving as President (take a look at before/after pictures of Clinton or the current Bush). Norris wondered aloud how McCain, who would be the oldest man to ever be elected to a first term as President, would fare with regard to stamina.

McCain’s response was priceless: “I’m afraid I may have to send my 95-year-old mother over and wash Chuck’s mouth out with soap.”

The 300 Project: 17/17


January 3, 2008


There are a number of things going on that I could comment on tonight, from the Iowa caucus to the Cardinals adding an intriguing pitcher, but it’s late and I just spent an hour or so restringing and retying a necklace that broke on my daughter. Most of the time was spent retying, thanks to my fat fingers.

So I’m going to point you to a very interesting post I read on another blog. For those of you that aren’t familiar with David Cross, he’s a comedian and actor probably best known for his role as Tobias Funke on Arrested Development or his co-starring gig on the HBO series Mr. Show. Most recently, he was seen in the movie version of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Apparently, Patton Oswalt, another comedian and actor, made some sort of “snide comment” about Cross appearing in Alvin, in a role that Oswalt himself had passed on.

Cross’ blog post, here is hilarious and revealing, discussing why he took the job, why he doesn’t care what other people say about it, and a number of other things.

I’ll also take this opportunity to plug one of the first blogs I read every morning, Whitney Matheson’s USA Today blog Pop Candy , which originally pointed me to the article.

The 300 Project 3/3

November 16, 2007

Christians vs The Golden Compass

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A friend of mine got an e-mail from a relative this week, concerning the upcoming Nicole Kidman/Daniel Craig/Sam Eliot movie The Golden Compass, based on the Phillip Pullman novel of the same name (also called Northern Lights in some parts of the world). The novel is the first part of a fantasy trilogy, called His Dark Materials. The e-mail was a forward of an e-mail that’s going around in various forms. The forwarded part is as follows:

Hello everyone- I just wanted to share this information with you all because I feel like this is something very important that we need to spread the word about. I don’t usually do this sort of thing but I feel very strongly about this so I am asking that you pass this on to others that you know. This was shared on our spouse’s website and I felt that is was important to pass it on to you all.
There is a children’s movie being released in theaters in December called THE GOLDEN COMPASS starting Nichole Kidman. The movie is based on a series of children’s books with a very strong anti-religion theme. In the final book of the series, the boy and the girl who represent Adam and Eve, overcome and kill God. The movie and the previews are supposed to be “dumbed down” so that people will take their children to see it and then they will enjoy it so much that they will buy the books without knowing what they are really about, thereby supporting the author (who is an atheist) and his beliefs. Please help spread the word about this. I am a true believer in good conquering evil so I hope and pray that buy passing this on, we can begin make others aware of what this is about and stop this man from making money off of these views.
Here is a link to the site with the information about the movie, the plot and the author of the books. Just copy and paste it to see the information.

I hope that none of you take offense to me sending this to you. I just feel that it is important to spread the word so that others can know what they are being presented with. How interesting is it that those surrounding this film and the book are using deception to create interest in the move. Isn’t that one of the key ways that the devil works in our world?

Now, this is one of my huge pet peeves: People condemning a movie that they haven’t seen, based on information from people who also presumably haven’t seen it, or read the books that the movie is based on.

In this case, unlike many similar ones, most of the information is correct. Both my friend and I have read the novels, and while neither of us remember the “killing God” part (I’m not saying it’s not there, I just don’t remember it, or remember it in those terms), I did get the Adam and Even allusion, though he didn’t. But the conclusions the author (of the e-mail, not the novels) reaches are questionable, in my mind. My friend agrees, and had asked for advice on how to respond to his relative. In writing advice in IM, I came to the conclusion that what I said was relatively astute (as opposed to 90% of the drivel that originates herewith), so I decided to post it here. Feel free to copy it if you receive similar e-mails, and are so inclined. Or, preferably, link them back here, so they can experience the wonder that is PavCo Multimedia Synergistics.

1. You give the movie makers far too much sinister credit. They’ve removed a lot of the anti-religious content to make the movie acceptable to a larger audience, not to sneak the message in through the books. If your immediate response to this point is “But that’s what they want you to think,” you can stop reading now, because you’ve already made up your mind, and nothing I say will change it.

2. You give your children too little credit. They know the difference between a book and reality. Harry Potter didn’t turn them into witches and wizards. These books won’t turn them into atheists. And if they really are good Christians, it’s not because of Narnia. It’s because of their upbringing. Pat yourself on the back.

3. Conversely, if your childrens’ hold on Christianity is so tentative that these books will turn them in to atheists, then it’s not the books’ fault, it’s the fact that their faith isn’t well-rooted in the first place. Perhaps this link might help.

4. How have the people making the movie used deception? They’ve promoted what’s in the movie. The purpose of a movie is to make money. No one makes a multi-million dollar movie in order to sell more copies of 10-year old books. To think that they would shows a lack of knowledge about book publishing, movie making, and basic economics. According to the Numbers website, the budget for the movie was $180 million. Even assuming that every dollar made from the sale of a book went into the pockets of the people making the movie (and they’re entirely different entities in reality), that means that they’re banking (pun intended) on selling 90 million books (give or take), just to break even. To date, all three titles in the trilogy have sold approximately 15 million copies, total.

5. Not all Christians agree with the sentiment in this e-mail. Take a look at The Christian Post, which quotes both sides, and gives a fairly balanced accounting of the debate.

6. Don’t be afraid of ideas. If the movie causes your children to read the book, well, then, pick it up yourself. Discuss it with them. Talk about the author’s beliefs, and how they express themselves through the work. Talk about how his ideas differ from yours. Use them to look deeper into what you believe, and why. If you’re interested in checking out the source material, check out Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials on

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