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May 31, 2008

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama: An Imaginary Conversation

I was looking for this for my wife, and figured I’d share it with everyone. This is a piece by columnist Maureen Dowd, presenting an imaginary conversation between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama regarding the possibility of Hillary Clinton serving as Vice President under Barack Obama.


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May 18, 2008

ONYD – Hillary’s “Hardworking…white” Apology

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On Wednesday, Senator Hillary Clinton told the AP that she shouldn’t have made her “hardworking…white Americans” comment, and that she doesn’t like the racial tension that’s become part of the Democratic primary process this year.

The ONYD is for the fact that this “apology” came two days AFTER she won a lopsided (but meaningless, except in giving the voters a voice) victory in West Virginia, which is made up largely of hardworking white voters who were quoted in various publications as being very open and almost proud of their racism.

Oh, and the fact that it was her husband, not the Obama campaign, who claimed to have the “race card” played against him (and then denied saying it, even though it was on the radio — audio link here).

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April 30, 2008

Best Banana in a Small Bunch?

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In NPR’s Political Junkie blog today, Ken Rudin describes Bill Clinton as “Probably the most popular Democratic president since JFK”.

Uh, that means he’s the most popular of 3. And considering that one was the one who prolonged Vietnam and the other had a far more successful post-Presidency (at least until recently) than Presidency, that’s sort of faint praise, isn’t it?

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March 15, 2008

Thoughts on Eliot Spitzer

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So yesterday morning, I’m sitting in a hospital waiting room, waiting on them to finish taking pictures of Kelly’s Incredible Regenerating Ovary™, I and decide to try out Scribefire, a cool new (to me anyway) blogging add-in for Firefox. So I sat and composed a blog post sharing my thoughts on the Eliot Spitzer scandal with you, the teeming masses my loyal readers. It was trenchant, it was sublime, it used the corporate “we” (as in “We here at PavCo Multimedia Synergistics…”). It included stupid HTML tricks much self-deprecating humor, references to the New York Penal Code (researched and everything), and a shout-out to my ninth-grade typing teacher.

And then, having polished and honed the post to a fine sheen, I clicked on a ScribeFire note that had my “300 Project” tag in it (see the bottom of this and every post for the year), and discovered that ScribeFire does not auto-save drafts, and doesn’t keep notes in memory when you shift over to another one. In other words, I lost it all.

I’ve grieved, I’ve mourned, I’ve shaken my fist at an angry, vengeful god. Well, no, I haven’t. I spent a day pretty hacked off, but I’m better now. So here, because no onehonor demanded it, are my thoughts on the Eliot Spitzer matter.

  • The first impulse in something like this is to draw the Bill Clinton comparison. Both were powerful Democratic politicians, and both were raked over the public coals for having sexual relations with a much-younger woman to whom they were not married. But there are some extremely noticeable differences, as well. Clinton was being investigated in relation to a sexual indiscretion (the Paula Jones case), and as the prosecutor was trying to make a case that Clinton was displaying a pattern of behavior, he found that woman, Miss Lewinsky. Eliot Sptizer was being investigated for transferring money between numerous bank accounts, and, in a Watergatean example of following the money, the investigators arrived at the Emperor’s Club.Of course, the real difference is that Clinton survived Lewinsky (and Jones, and Ginnifer Flowers). Spitzer did not survive Ashley Alexandra Dupre (a.k.a. Kristin).
  • What Governor Spitzer did was illegal, if only just barely. Thanks to some recent modifications to the law, which Spitzer himself championed, certain situations in which a person patronizes a prostitute are classified as a Class A Misdemeanor. Previously, they were Class B. There are other levels which rise to the level of Felony, but they involve children and certainly aren’t applicable here. The fact that Spitzer paid for Ms Dupre to travel to Washington, DC for an assignation adds to the severity of the crime, but to put it into perspective, New York State law classifies some people who get picked up too many times for driving on a suspended license are guilty of class E felonies. In other words, the Governor of New York just resigned over something the law classifies as less bad than some automobile tickets. Note that I’m just citing New York statutes here, I’m not making a personal judgment as to whether or not prostitution should be legal; I’ll do that in another post, when I really want to hack some people off.
  • What brought down Eliot Spitzer was Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer was evidently the type of guy who discovered that the abrasive, hard-nosed persona which made him successful as a prosecutor did not endear him to people as a politician. And the American public will forgive a lot of things, but hypocrisy isn’t one of them. For Spitzer to have made a name for himself by breaking up prostitution rings, then to have been exposed as a client of one is just not something people are willing to overlook. I hate to say it, but part of that may have been because of his Democratic base. Republicans David Vitter (R-prostitution) and Larry Craig (R-wide stance) still have their jobs. Granted, Craig has repeatedly promised to resign, but at the rate he’s going, he’ll be out office before he actually leaves office. And Vitter comes from Louisiana where, with all due respect to my in-laws, they seem to be forgiving of just about anything. They use the phrase “you should see the other guy” more than a habitual drunken brawler with a glass jaw. (As in “You think he was bad news, we re-elected him because the other guy was worse”) Of course, Marion Berry was
    a Democrat, and he had to resign his job as Mayor of Washington, DC after being videotaped smoking crack cocaine in a hotel room. But after he got out of jail, he was re-elected to a position on the DC City Council, a position he still holds despite additional brushes with the law, so maybe the Dems are a forgiving bunch after all. Or maybe it’s just DC.
  • Ms Dupre seems like a dream come true, not only for Governor Spitzer, but for some television network, maybe Lifetime or WE or Fox. There’s already talk of her oh-so-sterotypical story (pretty high school cheerleader from a dysfunctional family leaves home for the mean city, only to become enmeshed in a sordid world of sex, drugs, and State Politics) becoming a tv movie, and the name attached to the rumors is Emma Roberts who, at 17, has shown flashes (from what I understand) of being an actress as opposed to a girl on a successful kids’ tv show, and could certainly pull off the cheerleader part. And I have every confidence that the wizards in the Hollywood makeup departments could tart her up to fill her aunt’s hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold stilletos.
  • And lest we neglect placing the blame where it truly belongs, Dr. Laura Schlessinger offered viewers of NBC’s Today Show her typically progressive and well-reasoned opinion that Spitzer’s cheating on his wife was…her fault: “I hold women accountable for tossing out perfectly good men by not treating them with the love and kindness and respect and attention they need.”
  • And finally, leave it to the New York Post to boil the whole thing down to two syllables: “Ho no!”

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