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October 7, 2007

The NBC Road Show…

…alights on Bravo today.   Reruns from the past two weeks air as follows:

11:00 Chuck (pilot)

12:00 Chuck (episode 2)

1:00 Journeyman (pilot)

2:00 Bionic Woman (pilot)

3:00 Life (pilot)

And then it rolls into four episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  I watched the first two episodes of Life yesterday, in their USA reruns, and I have to say they were pretty good.  Nothing majorly impelling, but at I’d probably watch it before, say, Monk, which I think is way past its prime.


October 5, 2007

Saturday’s Seconds

A number of shows are being repeated today, either on their original networks or on cable affiliates:

1 p.m. Chuck (Pilot) USA
4 p.m. Journeyman (Pilot) USA
5 p.m. Bionic Woman (Pilot) USA
7 p.m. Heroes (second episode) NBC
8 p.m. Bionic Woman (second episode) NBC
9 p.m. Law and Order SVU (second episode) NBC

This may be a one-time thing, or at least not a regularly scheduled deal; next weekend, according to MeeVee’s listings (, the only rerun in the same slot is SVU.  The other two Saturday NBC slots are TBA, and USA’s got movies in the afternoon.

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