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October 4, 2007

TV Past and Future

Thanks to all who watched Pushing Daisies last night. It won its time slot handily in the ratings, coming in second for the night, behind only Criminal Minds. This was thanks in large part, one would have to figure, to the almost universal raves it got. In fact, this was one of the few times that I can remember when reviewers (professionals) actually begged people to watch a show. The interesting test will be next week, on both ends: Will the episode be as good, and will as many people tune in to it?

In my preview post earlier in the week, I forgot to mention that tonight’s 30 Rock premier features the return of Jerry Seinfeld to episodic tv. Hey, anything that gets more people to watch the Emmy-winning comedy is fine by me.

Also, I missed a show on the weekly premiere preview: Law and Order:Criminal Intent premiers tonight. But I missed it because it’s not on one of the big 5 (and yes, the “big” is relative) networks. The show, while still making new episodes, has moved from NBC to USA. This is not unprecedented. A number of shows have jumped networks, and Baywatch started out on NBC before jumping to syndication, and a few shows (boxing reality program The Contender comes to mind) actually have moved to a cable network mid-season to finish their runs. I think The Contender is actually still producing new episodes as well, a number of seasons down the line. It is, however, the first time that a member of one of the major “tentpole” families (L&O and CSI) have supplemented their endless cable reruns with new episodes. If only Crime and Punishment (the L&O family’s reality show) had managed to find its way to CourtTV.


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