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May 2, 2008

FCBD on the Web

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I received an e-mail from my local comic book store this afternoon about Free Comic Book Day. To help out folks who can’t get to their local comic book store, they’re offering FCBD books (from this year and previous years) via their web site, just for the price of shipping. While you’re on the site, take a look at some of the other great books they’re offering, and take advantage of their FCBD discount.

For those who do not have access to a local comic shop (or our out of town). Go to and click on the Free Comic Book Day Logo to see all the books being offered, you can order up to 1 of each book for free. You just pay shipping. (Every 10 books is $5.00). This is my way to make sure everyone can participate in this event. This year we are also offering a few that we still have available from previous years.

As always you can visit one of the Comic Relief_s Stores for the Free Comics and other great stuff. As a special bonus to online customers, if you place an order Saturday you can get 15% off (code FCBD08 ) any order.

Hopefully everyone can find and make it out to support your local comic shop. But if not we are here for you.

All orders for free comics must be placed on Saturday between 12:01am and 11:59pm. Any orders for free comics out side of those times may be ignored. All may not be available as we will pull orders throughout the day. Free shipping coupon is only valid on a $100.00 purchase. Orders for free comics cannot be picked up.

The 300 Project: 3/78



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Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow, Saturday May 3. There’s a lot of great material out there, and samples will be given out a comic book stores across the country for free. Check with your local retailer for details and restrictions.

The 300 Project: 2/77

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