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April 9, 2008

One-Act Plays

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The eldest Spawn of PavCo is directing a one-act play for his Theater class at school.  The plays will be presented over two nights, May 1 and 2, at Lafayette High School in Wildwood, MO (at the intersection of Highway 109 and Clayton Rd). The programs will be different each night.

Knowing a lot of the kids directing these, it should be two good nights of theater, and we here at PavCo, while freely acknowledging that we’re not entirely impartial in the matter, recommend that anyone who is able to should attend.

They’ve even got a commercial:

The 300 Project: 4/64


October 31, 2007

Your Vote Needed for High School Football

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If you have a second, please do Lafayette and Marquette High Schools a favor and click on the below link. This will register a vote to show the Lafayette/Marquette varsity football game on the local CBS channel’s High School Football broadcast.


Vote here

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