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February 22, 2008

Oscar Night

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Continuing on the Oscars theme, as many of you know, Sunday is the holiest day of the year here at PavCo. We’ll be sitting around eating finger food and critiquing the red carpet fashions long before the ceremony actually starts. A number of online sites will be liveblogging the ceremony. I’m planning on spending time over at Pop Candy, Whitney Matheson’s USA Today blog that I’ve mentioned here a number of times before. You can join us too, at And no, I didn’t apply to be a featured reader; I snoozed too long and applications were already closed.

The 300 project: 14/37


January 3, 2008


There are a number of things going on that I could comment on tonight, from the Iowa caucus to the Cardinals adding an intriguing pitcher, but it’s late and I just spent an hour or so restringing and retying a necklace that broke on my daughter. Most of the time was spent retying, thanks to my fat fingers.

So I’m going to point you to a very interesting post I read on another blog. For those of you that aren’t familiar with David Cross, he’s a comedian and actor probably best known for his role as Tobias Funke on Arrested Development or his co-starring gig on the HBO series Mr. Show. Most recently, he was seen in the movie version of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Apparently, Patton Oswalt, another comedian and actor, made some sort of “snide comment” about Cross appearing in Alvin, in a role that Oswalt himself had passed on.

Cross’ blog post, here is hilarious and revealing, discussing why he took the job, why he doesn’t care what other people say about it, and a number of other things.

I’ll also take this opportunity to plug one of the first blogs I read every morning, Whitney Matheson’s USA Today blog Pop Candy , which originally pointed me to the article.

The 300 Project 3/3

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