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April 9, 2008

Creepy Girl

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Wanna see something creepy?  Of course you do.  You know you do.

Take a look at this virtual(?) chick, and watch what happens when you move your mouse around the screen.

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March 4, 2008

Online TV Viewing

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The major television networks, and many of the minor ones, are offering full episodes of their shows online, but it can sometimes be difficult finding them. There are almost as many viewers as there are sites, and it seems that finding a given show can be a clickapalooza, as you try to navigate the sites.

No more.

Prime Time Rewind offers a spiffy cube interface which links to pretty much all of the networks and programs that are available across the ‘net. Clicking on a show launches a page which has the network’s own layout in a frame, with a handy Prime Time Rewind nav bar on the left side. I’ve grabbed a couple of shows, and it seems to work pretty smoothly. So if you miss an episode, or want to get caught up on a show, check out Prime Time Rewind.

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January 10, 2008

Entertainment Weekly’s 100 Best Web Sites

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Entertainment Weekly has a list of the 100 best web sites related to movies, music, comics/books, tv, stage & news/gossip, and videogames & everything else. Many of the sites are ones that I visit on a daily basis. Take a look and see if some might be of value to you, too. Get started at 100 Greatest Web Sites.

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